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October 2019:-

World Mission Day: Collections for “Missio” on 19th & 20th October.

Sat 19th            5.30 p.m.      Wood              Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sat 19th            6.00 p.m.      Wood              Wendy Howarth,    (Foundation)

SUN 20th          9.00 a.m.      Fram               Carol-Ann Steele,    (Maeve Wigley)

SUN 20th         11.00 a.m.     Wood              For the people of the Parish

Mon 21st         9.15 a.m.        Wood              Morning Prayer – Psalter week 1

Mon 21st         9.30 a.m.        Wood              Mass

Tue 22nd          9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Tue 22nd          9.30 a.m.       Wood              Mass

Wed 23rd         - - - - - - -        No services on Wednesday 23rd

Thu 24th           12.00 p.m.    Fram               Mass

Fri 25th             9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Fri 25th             9.30 a.m.       Wood              Teresa & Peter Hayhurst, †† (Anne Harries)

Fri 25th             10.00 a.m.     Wood              Our Lady’s Rosary

Fri 25th             6.30 p.m.       Fram               Our Lady’s Rosary

Sat 26th            5.30 p.m.       Wood              Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sat 26th            6.00 p.m.       Wood              For the people of the Parish

SUN 27th          9.00 a.m.       Fram              Danny O’Keeffe,      (Patsy & Reg Sears)

SUN 27th          11.00 a.m.     Wood             Maureen Haysey,    (Cecilia & Myles Smith)

Sun 27th            4.00 p.m.      Wood             Reception of body: Bernadette Ryan,

Mon 28th           9.15 a.m.      Wood             Morning Prayer of SS. Simon & Jude

Mon 28th           9.30 a.m.      Wood             Mass of SS. Simon & Jude

Mon 28th           11.30 a.m.    Wood             Funeral Service: Bernadette Ryan,

Mon 28th           12.30 p.m.   Wood              Rite of Committal for burial, Woodbridge Public Cemetery   


ALL  SAINTS  DAY:  Friday 1st November.  Holy Day of Obligation.  Mass: 9.30 a.m. at Woodbridge and 6.30 p.m. at Framlingham.


ALL  SOULS  DAY:  Saturday 2nd November.  Commemoration of the Faithful Departed.  Requiem Mass: 9.30 a.m. at Woodbridge and 9.30 a.m. at Framlingham.


IPSWICH  HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY: If you wish to be visited by the chaplaincy team when you are in Ipswich hospital, a message may be left for them at the hospital chaplains’ office. Telephone the hospital switchboard on 01473 712233 and ask for the chaplains’ office.


October Anniversaries.  Please pray for the repose of the souls of the Faithful Departed, whose anniversaries are in the month of October:-  Mirella Cutler (1997), Kenneth McKenzie (1997), Brenda Sweeting (1997), Lesla Walsh (1997), Doris Levitt (2002), Maureen Haysey (2002), William Coburn (2004), Patricia Way (2004), Dora Snape (2007), David Sumner (2008), Denis King (2008), Ian Warrander (2009), Mykola Semec (2010), Katherine Preihs (2010), Daniel O’Keeffe (2011), Anne Nurse (2012) Philip Byrne (2014), and Richard Gregory (2017).  Please also pray for the repose of the souls of our former Parish Priests, Father Edgar Hardwick (1971) and Father James Sloan (1988).  May they rest in peace. Amen.

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