Sat 15th                       5.30 p.m.       Wood              Sacrament of Reconciliation, until 5.50 p.m.

Sat 15th                       6.00 p.m.       Wood              Purificacion Gohetia, †  (Jasmin Gohetia Gooch)

SUN 16th                9.00 a.m.       Fram               For the people of the Parish

SUN 16th                   11.00 a.m.     Wood              Ian Bowles, †             (C. Bowles)

¶  15th & 16th December – Collections for Dependant Priests’ Fund.

Mon 17th         9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Mon 17th         9.30 a.m.       Wood              Rosemary Luxmoore, (Peter Luxmoore)

Tue 18th           9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Tue 18th           9.30 a.m.       Wood              Fr. Tom Fenlon          (Foundation Mass)

Wed 19th         No services on Wednesday.

Thu 20th           12.00 p.m.    Fram               For Vocations

Fri 21st             9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Fri 21st             9.30 a.m.       Wood              Private intention       (Fr. Edmund)

Sat 22nd              5.30 p.m.       Wood              Sacrament of Reconciliation, until 5.50 p.m.

Sat 22nd              6.00 p.m.       Wood              For Vocations

SUN 23rd          9.00 a.m.       Fram               For the people of the Parish

SUN 23rd           11.00 a.m.     Wood              Alfredo Palao,          (Celine Brown)

Mon 24th         9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Mon 24th         9.30 a.m.       Wood              Catherine Green,     (E. B. Alcock)

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Mon 24th        6.30 p.m.        Fram               Service of Carols and Readings

Mon 24th        7.00 p.m.       Fram               For the people of the Parish

Mon 24th        9.00 p.m.        Wood              Service of Carols and Readings

Mon 24th        9.30 p.m.       Wood              For the people of the Parish

¶  Please note that Holy Mass will not be celebrated at Midnight.

Tue 25th          9.00 a.m.       Fram               Private intention       (Patricia Gray)

Tue 25th          11.00 a.m.     Wood              John Nicholas,         (Madge Nicholas)



WE PRAY FOR VOCATIONS: In the diocesan cycle of prayer, it is the turn of the Woodbridge & Framlingham parish to pray for vocations from 16th to 22nd December.  Please remember to pray for vocations in your daily prayers this week.  We pray especially that our parish communities at Woodbridge and at Framlingham will be a fruitful source of vocations to serve the Church in the future.


The Ladies' Group will be sharing coffee and mince pies on Tuesday, 18th December from I0.30 a.m. at Saint Thomas’s Church.  Everybody welcome.  Jo Roberts. 


BRASS CLEANING at Saint Thomas’s Church, in preparation for the Christmas festival, will take place on Friday 21st December after the morning Mass.  Please come and help with our pre-Christmas cleaning.  Coffee will be available.    Jean Wallace.


ECUMENICAL CAROL SERVICE: Churches Together in Framlingham invite you to their Christmas Carol Service to be held in Saint Michael’s Anglican Church, Framlingham, on Sunday 23rd December at 6.00 p.m.


Lilies at Christmas:  There are envelopes in the Community Room at Saint Clare’s Church, Framlingham, for you to write the names of the ones you would like to remember with a flower at Christmas.  Your donation can be put in the envelope, which will help with the cost of decorating Saint Clare’s Church with flowers at Christmas.   Gillian Clark.


SAINT CLARE’S MONTHLY DRAW: “A big thank you to all who have been supporting the monthly draw each week”  writes Patsy Sears.  “To those who see me selling these draw tickets and do not know what it is all about, well it is to raise money for Saint Clare’s Church Maintenance Fund.  £1.00 per book of five tickets.  Prizes each month are gift vouchers of £20, £15 and £5.  Between January to November 2018 we have raised £725. Thank you.”   Patsy Sears.


Freeman of Woodbridge:  We send our congratulations to Mrs. Jean Wallace, who was elected to be a Freeman of Woodbridge by the Town Council at their meeting last Tuesday evening.  This award has been made in recognition of Jean’s twenty six-years of voluntary work for the community in Woodbridge.


IPSWICH  HOSPITAL:  Father Odigbo will soon be taking up duties as the Roman Catholic Chaplain to Ipswich Hospital N.H.S. Trust.  It is expected that the Monday Mass at the hospital will resume.


BRIAN SISWICK:  Please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Brian Siswick, of Woodbridge, who died on Friday 7th December, age 80.  Funeral service in Saint Thomas’s Church on Friday 28th December at 9.00 a.m. followed at 10.30 a.m. by the rite of committal at Seven Hills Crematorium, Nacton.


December Anniversaries from the Parish’s Death  Register:-  James Smith (1996), Naomi Hastings-Wells (1999), Joan Swales (1999), Jean Rix (1999), Raymond Leyman (2002), Peter North (2002), Clifford Daniels (2002), Patrick Angland (2002), Michael Flaherty (2004), James Coughlan (2004), Alice Milner-Smith (2005), Ann Baker (2006), Kathleen Murphy (2007), Daniel Ryan (2008), Mary Smith (2008), Roma Millward (2009), Anthony Lightfoot (2009), Rosemary Hepburn-Clark (2010), Grace Quinn (2010), Charles Finch (2011), Father Anthony Seeley (2011) Parish Priest, Father Peter Wynekus, (2012) Parish Priest, Ursula Twomey (2013), Bernard Hurley (2014), David Holliday (2014), Peter Healey (2014), Michael Curran (2015), Kathleen O’Connor (2015), and Brian Mcmurragh Caven (2017).    May they rest in peace. Amen.


Father Edmund, Deacon Mike, and Deacon Peter wish all parishioners and visitors to the parish this weekend God’s blessing.