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Wood = Service in Saint Thomas's Church, Woodbridge.

Fram = Service in Saint Clare's Church, Framlingham.

                                                                                                   Mass Intention for:

Sat 6th           6.00 p.m.            Wood         Janet Walkinshaw, +            (J. Crimmin)

SUN 7th        9.00 a.m.            Fram          The people of the parish

SUN 7th        11.00 a.m.          Wood          In thanksgiving - baby son    (L. Flaherty)

Mon 8th         9.30 a.m.            Wood          Myra & Eddie O'Hara, ++     (Foundation)

Tue 9th          9.30 a.m.            Wood          Marjorie O'Hara, +                (Foundation)

Wed 10th      No Mass on Wednesday.

Thu 11th       12.00 p.m.           Fram           Edward Rory, Joe Michael, & Mary, +++ (Foundation)

Fri 12th         9.30 a.m.            Wood           Kevin Tully, +                   (K. Tully)

Sat 13th        6.00 p.m.            Wood           The people of the parish

SUN 14th     9.00 a.m.            Fram             -

SUN 14th     11.00 a.m.          Wood            Maria Nieves de Laines, +  (Carla Daniels)

Mon 15th      9.30 a.m.            Wood             Anne & Robert Nurse, ++ (Foundation)

Tue 16th       9.30 a.m.            Wood             Healing for Rita        (D. Bradey)

Wed 17th      No Mass on Wednesday.

Thu 18th       12.00 p.m.         Fram              -

Fri 19th         9.30 a.m.           Wood             Gay Green, +            (F. Byrne)

Sat 20th        6.00 p.m.           Wood            Joan O'Brien, +         (G. O'Brien)   

SUN 21st     9.00 a.m.           Fram             The people of the parish 

SUN 21st     11.00 a.m.         Wood            John Smith, +          (C. & M. Smith)

Mon 22nd      9.30 a.m.           Wood            -

Tue 23rd        9.30 a.m.           Wood           In thanksgiving         (J. & S. Wallace)

Wed 24th      No Mass on Wednesday.

Thu 25th       12.00 p.m.          Fram            Doris O'Keeffe, +    (P. & R. Sears)

Fri 26th         9.30 a.m.           Wood            - 

Sat 27th        6.00 p.m.           Wood           The people of the parish

SUN 28th     9.00 a.m.           Fram             -

SUN 28th     11.00 a.m.         Wood            -

Mon 29th       9.30 a.m.           Wood            - 

Tue 30th        9.30 a.m.           Wood            - 

Wed 31st       No Mass on Wednesday.



Saint Clare's Church, Framlingham

Patronal Feast of Saint Clare

Thursday 11th August

Mass of Saint Clare at 12.00 p.m.




Holy Day of Obligation

Sunday 14th August

Holy Mass will be celebrated:

Saturday 13th August: 6.00 p.m. at Woodbridge (anticipatory Mass) and

Sunday 14th: 9.00 a.m. at Framlingham and 11.00 a.m. at Woodbridge.


COFFEE MORNING at St. Clare's Church, Framlingham.  Saturday, 13th August, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  All welcome. Wendy Hardinge.


The Diocesan Youth Service is really excited to be teaming up again with Radio Maria England to help run England’s Way. This is a four-day walk from Bury St. Edmunds to Walsingham from 11th – 14th August 2022, arriving in time to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption in England’s Nazareth. Are you up for the challenge? For more information see


Inviting all young people age 16-30 to the Transform Festival.  9th to 11th September.  Come and experience your faith in a new and dynamic way.  Held at Clare Priory the Transform Festival will include live music, powerful talks, passionate prayer and interactive workshops, as well as good food and free time!  Organised by the Diocesan Youth Service and Clare Priory.  See for more information,  writes Hamish McQueen.


This year the SHCT's Ride & Stride event will take place on Saturday 10th September.  If you wish to take part  - either cycling or walking - sponsorship forms are now available to collect from the church.  Volunteers are also need to be at our churches during the day to welcome visitors and to record their visit.  If you are able to help, please speak to Linda Flaherty at St. Thomas's Church, Woodbridge or to Gillian Clark at St. Clare's Church, Framlingham.



We pray for all in the parish who are sick, whether suffering from short-term or long-term illnesses.  We pray, too, for all the residents in senior-living facilities within the parish and those who care for them.


PARISH  ANNIVERSARIES.  The parish calendar page of this website shows parishioners' anniversaries of death, taken from the parish's Death Register. Please click here PARISH CALENDAR to view the parish anniversaries for this month.


Woodbridge & Framlingham Parish Office.  Please note that e-mails sent to the Parish Office are not checked every day, the parish no longer employs a Parish Secretary to work in the Parish Office. If you need to contact the Parish Priest, Father Edmund Eggleston, please telephone The Presbytery, Woodbridge, on (01394) 388828.   

Parish Priest's day-off:  Father Edmund takes Wednesday as his day-off each week.


GIFT AID. All parishioners who have kindly signed a Gift Aid Declaration in favour of the Parish of Woodbridge and Framlingham are asked to let us know of their new address if they have moved house during the last twelve months.  Also, if you no longer pay tax please tell Mrs. Jean Wallace (the Parish Gift Aid Officer).  We are unable to claim Gift Aid on your donations to the Church if you do not pay tax.


IPSWICH  HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY.  You or your relatives should inform the hospital chaplains' office about your stay in hospital, if you wish to be visited by the chaplain during your stay in hospital.  To request a visit, telephone the hospital switchboard on 01473 712233 and ask for the Chaplains' Office. The staff of the N.H.S. Trust at Ipswich Hospital will not automatically inform the hospital chaplain when a Roman Catholic person is admitted to Ipswich Hospital.  The Roman Catholic Chaplain is Father Bineesh Elanjikkal, assisted by Deacon Clive Brooks.




LATEST NEWS.  All news items from the Diocese of East Anglia may be viewed here:  Latest News


JOB VACANCIES. Details of job vacancies in the Diocese of East Anglia may be found here:  Vacancies - East Anglia Diocese








CARITAS SOCIAL ACTION NETWORK.   Advice on how you can help people caught up in the war in Ukraine is available from the Caritas Social Action Network at




Woodbridge Town Council & Churches Together. Woodbridge welcomes Ukraine. Please complete this questionnaire if you are willing to offer support to Ukrainian people arriving in Woodbridge. It is expected that Ukrainian guests will be here for a period of six months to a year or more. If you have chosen to complete a written response please return your form to The Shire Hall, Market Hill, Woodbridge.  The questionnaire is available on the website of Woodbridge Town Council, here: Questionnaire.



Zoom Meeting ID:  819 191 3344

Passcode:  047188


FRAMLINGHAM CHURCHES TOGETHER.  Sharing Christ - thoughts and prayers of encouragement and support by Framlingham Churches Together are published on the website of St. Michael's Anglican Church, Framlingham.  Link: Framlingham Churches Together


Father Edmund and Deacon Mike wish all visitors to

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