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Church services from Friday 30th July, 2021

Wood = Service in Saint Thomas's Church, Woodbridge

Fram = Service in Saint Clare's Church, Framlingham


                                                                                    Mass Intentions

Fri 30th         9.30 a.m.         Wood       For Vivian Gomez  (Mrs. C. Brown)

Sat 31st        6.00 p.m.         Wood       David Pattle,        (Jackie Maxwell)



SUN 1st      9.00 a.m.          Fram        Deacon Mike & Ann Vipond's 50th wedding anniversary

SUN 1st     11.00 a.m.         Wood       For the people of the Parish

SUN 1st       2.00 p.m.          Fram        Baptism:  Daisy Primrose Rogers

Mon 2nd       9.30 a.m.         Wood       Patricia Smith,     (Cecilia & Myles Smith)

Tue 3rd        9.30 a.m.         Wood       For Emeliano, Segundina, and Domesciana (Mrs. C. Brown) 

Thu 5th        12.00 p.m.       Fram       -

Fri 6th          9.30 a.m.         Wood      For Alfredo, Marivic, and Alan (Mrs. C. Brown)

Sat 7th         6.00 p.m.         Wood      Bess Poulson,       (Pat Britnell)

SUN 8th      9.00 a.m.         Fram       For the appointemt of a new bishop

SUN 8th     11.00 a.m.        Wood      For the people of the Parish

Mon 9th        9.30 a.m.        Wood      Marjorie O'Hara,             (Foundation)

Tue 10th       9.30 a.m.        Wood      Myra & Eddie O'Hara,   (Foundation)

Thu 12th      12.00 p.m.       Fram       The O'Hara family            (Foundation)

Fri 13th         9.30 a.m.        Wood      For the appointment of a new bishop

Sat 14th        6.00 p.m.        Wood      The Rt. Revd. Dr. Mervyn Alexander, †  (2010)

SUN 15th    9.00 a.m.         Fram       For the People of the Parish

SUN 15th    11.00 a.m.       Wood      Anne & Robert Nurse,  (Foundation)



Stewardship and Fundraising in parishes.  Mrs. Sandra Portas visited Woodbridge on Tuesday to talk to the Parish Finance Committee at their quarterly meeting.  Mrs. Portas is the Stewardship and Fundraising Coordinator for the Diocese of East Anglia.  More information about her role in the diocese can be found here:  Stewardship and Fundraising Coordinator


The parish acknowledges with gratitude a legacy received from the estate of the late Mr. David Chamier.  Before his health deteriorated, Mr. Chamier lived in Quay Street, Woodbridge, and he regularly attended the Sunday Mass at Saint Thomas’s Church.  In recent years he had been resident in a nursing home in Ipswich.  He died on 4th April, 2020.   May he rest in peace. Amen.


The Diocese of East Anglia has provided helpful advice on drawing up a will or legacy.  It can be read here: Helpful advice on drawing up a will or legacy.


GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.  The nine o'clock Mass in Saint Clare's Church, Framlingham, on Sunday 1st August, will be offered in thanksgiving for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Deacon Mike and Mrs. Ann Vipond.  We send our congratulations to Ann and Deacon Mike on their wedding anniversary and pray for God's blessing upon them.


BAPTISM.  Thorough the waters of Baptism we welcome Daisy Primrose Rogers into the Christian Church on Sunday 1st August.  Please pray for Daisy, for her parents and her Godparents.


Mrs. Ann Mason writes:  "On 1st August I will Brave the Shave for Macmillan Cancer Support – that is, go bald for a good cause!  It is in thanks for Macmillan’s support during Mark’s illness and in salute to those who have lost their hair through treatment.  I would like sponsors for doing this.  It is very easy to donate by card and, if you are a U.K. taxpayer, add Gift Aid of 20% of your donation at no cost to you."   Go to:


SUFFOLK HISTORIC CHURCHES TRUST.  The annual S.H.C.T. Ride and Stride event will take place on Saturday 11th September, 2021.  More details are on the Trust's website, here:  Ride and Stride 2021


We pray for all in the parish who are sick, whether suffering from short-term or long-term illnesses.  We pray, too, for all the residents in senior-living facilities within the parish.


PARISH  ANNIVERSARIES.  The parish calendar page of this website shows parishioners' anniversaries of death, taken from the parish's Death Register.   Please click here  PARISH CALENDAR  to view the parish anniversaries for this month.


The Parish Office at Woodbridge is closed.  E-mail correspondence sent to the Parish Office will not be checked daily.  If you wish to contact Father Edmund Eggleston, parish priest, please telephone The Presbytery, Woodbridge, on (01394) 388828.   Parish Priest's day off:  Father Edmund takes Wednesday as his day off each week.



The Catholic Bishops of England have issued new Step 4 Guidance for Communal Worship during the Covid-19 Pandemic and a statement on attendance at Mass on a Sunday and the Sunday Obligation.

Step 4 Guidance for Communal Worship during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Bishops have provided to the dioceses of England and Wales, updated Covid-19 guidance as the country moved into Step 4 of the Government’s Covid-19 Response Roadmap. The guidance document covers topics including: social distancing and church capacity, congregational singing, acts of worship, celebration of Holy Mass and the Sacraments, home visits, social activities and church groups.

“It is important to reiterate that as Step 4 is reached, the general principles of continuing to create a safe environment in places of worship and their ancillary buildings are not abandoned,” say the Bishops. “Indeed, the way forward must be a collective endeavour of all involved in the daily life of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.”

Link:   Read the full guidance here.  This came into effect on Monday, 19th July, 2021.


Bishops' Statement.   Sunday – It is our Day

On 19th July, the current legislative powers which assist the mitigations against the Covid-19 virus transmission will be rescinded by H.M. Government.  Nevertheless, there will be an encouragement to personal and corporate responsibility in this area; as the Prime Minister said in his most recent statement “The pandemic is not over.” Even without this legislation in place, the Church in England and Wales will be adopting a cautious approach to capacity and activity within our buildings, especially at corporate acts of worship.

Sunday Obligation

We are mindful of the certain fact that the Covid-19 virus is still circulating in society. Vaccines provide genuine protection against the worst effects of the virus, yet we recognise the legitimate fear on the part of some who otherwise desire to gather for Holy Mass. It is our continuing judgement, therefore, that it is not possible at the present time for all of the faithful to attend Mass on a Sunday thus fulfilling their duty to God.

It is hoped that it will be possible for all Catholics in England and Wales to fulfil this most important Church precept, that of the Sunday Obligation, by the First Sunday in Advent 2021 (28th November).

In the meantime, all Catholics are asked to do their best to participate in the celebration of the weekly Sunday Mass and to reflect deeply on the centrality of Sunday worship in the life of the Church.

In April, following our Plenary Assembly, we offered a reflection on the experience of the extraordinary long months of the pandemic. It was titled The Day of the Lord. We also began to look at the way forward. We spoke about the important invitation to restore the Sunday Mass to its rightful centrality in our lives. We asked for a rekindling in our hearts of a yearning for the Real Presence of the Lord in the Eucharist, as our response to the total, sacrificial love that Jesus has for us. We said: “The Eucharist should be the cause of our deepest joy, our highest manner of offering thanks to God and for seeking his mercy and love. We need to make it the foundation stone of our lives”.May this continue to be our striving during these coming months as we journey back to the full celebration of our Sunday Mass and our renewed observance of The Day of the Lord.



Recent clergy appointments announced by Bishop Hopes include:-

  • Fr. Michael Smith to be an Assistant Priest at the Cathedral parish, Norwich
  • Fr. Antony Arockian to be an Assistant Priest at Bury St. Edmunds parish
  • Fr. Michael Brooks to be the Parish Administrator of Bungay parish
  • Fr. Andrew Eburne to be the Priest-in-Charge of Poringland Parish
  • Fr. Leo Michael to be the Parish Priest of Newmarket with Kirtling parish
  • Fr. Padraig Hawkins to be the Parish Priest of St. Neots parish
  • Fr. Christopher Smith to be the Parish Priest of Southwold with Halesworth parish
  • Fr. Andrew Neate to be the Parish Priest of Fakenham parish
  • Fr. Natalino Peter Raj has been incardinated into the Diocese of East Anglia

Please pray for these priests as they take up their new appointments.


THE DIOCESAN MARRIAGE TRIBUNAL is available to try to help people who may need to regularise or simply talk through their marital situation, following a marriage breakdown or divorce, writes Canon Simon Blakesley, Judicial Vicar.  The Tribunal can be contacted, in confidence, direct by telephone 01508 495168 or by e-mail:   Office hours are 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.


LATEST NEWS.  All news items from the Diocese of East Anglia may be viewed here: Latest News


JOB VACANCIES.  Details of job vacancies in the Diocese of East Anglia may be found here:  Vacancies - East Anglia Diocese




CLIMATE CHANGE SUNDAY.  Churches Together in Woodbridge & Melton will be holding an event on Climate Change Sunday, at Kingston Field, Woodbridge.  Sunday 19th September from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m.  Volunteers are needed to help set up and steward this event.  If you are able to help Churches Together, please contact Lyn Spall:



Next meeting on Wednesday 1st SeptemberNo meeting on Sunday 1st August.

Zoom Meeting ID:  819 191 3344

Passcode:  047188



FRAMLINGHAM CHURCHES TOGETHER.  Sharing Christ - thoughts and prayers of encouragement and support by Framlingham Churches Together are published on the website of St. Michael's Anglican Church, Framlingham.  Link:  Framlingham Churches Together


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