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COVID-19. We are recording contact details for Track and Trace as you enter the church. The use of face masks is again required inside the church. Please also use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter the building.  You are encouraged to follow social distancing advice and to respect the wishes and boundaries of other worshippers.   Thank you for your help in continuing to keep our churches a safe place for all and for being aware of other people's needs during this Corona Virus pandemic.




Church Services - January 2022

Wood = Service in Saint Thomas's Church, Woodbridge.

Fram = Service in Saint Clare's Church, Framlingham.


                                                                     Mass Intentions

Mon 17th       9.30 a.m.        Wood          Private intention (2nd of 4)

Tue 18th        9.30 a.m.        Wood          Private intention (3rd of 4)

Wed 19th       No Mass on Wednesday.     -

Thu 20th       12.00 p.m.       Fram           For the appointment of a new bishop

Fri 21st          9.30 a.m.        Wood          Private intention (4th of 4) 

Sat 22nd        6.00 p.m.        Wood          For the people of the Parish  

SUN 23rd     9.00 a.m.        Fram           -

SUN 23rd     11.00 a.m.      Wood           In thanksgiving        (Celine Brown)

Mon 24th       9.30 a.m.        Wood          Richard Aldridge,   (Rita Aldridge)

Tue 25th        9.30 a.m.        Wood          Gwen Hope,           (S. Fitzpatrick)

Wed 26th       No Mass on Wednesday.     -

Thu 27th       12.00 p.m.       Fram          Patrick Fergus Keyes,  (Olive Doe)  

Fri 28th         9.30 a.m.        Wood          Mary Innes,           (Jean Wallace)  

Sat 29th        6.00 p.m.        Wood          James Hazell,         (Molly Bond)

SUN 30th     9.00 a.m.         Fram          Yanina,                 (Joanna Luton) 

SUN 30th     11.00 a.m.       Wood          For the people of the Parish  



If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 please stay at home, do not travel to church and participate in person.  Catholic Bishops' Conference.

Link:  Catholic Bishops' Conference Covid guidance page



The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins on Tuesday 18th January. This week of prayer was originally begun in 1908 by the American Episcopalian clergyman Rev. Paul Watson who later was received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  The week ends on 25th January, the feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul.  Please remember this intention in your daily prayers between 18th and 25th January.



The Stewardship Campaign FAITHFUL  STEWARDS  OF  GOD’S  GIFTS

is nearly here!    It will take place over three weekends:

29th & 30th January

5th & 6th February

12th & 13th February

This Campaign is not something we have thought up here: it will happen at different times in every parish across the diocese.

We should welcome this challenge to us to look carefully at the needs of our parish, and to think how we can all play a part in meeting those needs by sharing our TIME, TALENTS, & TREASURE.



Stewardship and Fundraising in parishes.  

Mrs. Sandra Portas visited Woodbridge to talk to the Parish Finance Committee at their July 2021 meeting.  Mrs. Portas is the Stewardship and Fundraising Coordinator for the Diocese of East Anglia.  More information about her role in the diocese can be found here: Stewardship and Fundraising Coordinator

The Diocese of East Anglia has provided helpful advice on drawing up a will or legacy.  It can be read here: Helpful advice on drawing up a will or legacy.




  • December 2021: Irene Neal (1st), Angie Punaks (2nd), and Avril Scallan (3rd).
  • January 2022: Elisabeth Shannon (1st), Jackie Maxwell (2nd), and Jean Wallace (3rd).



  • Copies are now available to purchase from the church.  Price £2.00


IPSWICH  HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY.  You or your relatives should inform the hospital chaplains' office about your stay in hospital, if you wish to be visited by the chaplain during your stay in hospital.  To request a visit, telephone the hospital switchboard on 01473 712233 and ask for the Chaplains' Office. The staff of the N.H.S. Trust at Ipswich Hospital will not automatically inform the hospital chaplain when a Roman Catholic person is admitted to Ipswich Hospital.


We pray for all in the parish who are sick, whether suffering from short-term or long-term illnesses.  We pray, too, for all the residents in senior-living facilities within the parish and those who care for them.


PARISH  ANNIVERSARIES.  The parish calendar page of this website shows parishioners' anniversaries of death, taken from the parish's Death Register. Please click here  PARISH CALENDAR  to view the parish anniversaries for this month.


Woodbridge & Framlingham Parish Office.  Please note that e-mails sent to the Parish Office are not checked every day, the parish no longer employs a Parish Secretary to work in the Parish Office.  If you need to contact the Parish Priest, Father Edmund Eggleston, please telephone The Presbytery, Woodbridge, on (01394) 388828.   

Parish Priest's day-off:  Father Edmund takes Wednesday as his day-off each week.



LATEST NEWS.  All news items from the Diocese of East Anglia may be viewed here:  Latest News


SYNOD 2023.  To take part in the Bishop's Conference on-line survey click here: On-line Survey 


From the Marriage and Family Life Coordinator, Diocese of East Anglia:-   Mass for Saint Joseph's Day and blessing of children.  Saturday 19th March, 2022. 10.00 a.m. at Saint John's Cathedral, Norwich.
DR. BONNIE LANDER JOHNSON.  Marriage and Family Life Coordinator, Diocese of East Anglia. 


THE DIOCESAN MARRIAGE TRIBUNAL is available to try to help people who may need to regularise or simply talk through their marital situation, following a marriage breakdown or divorce, writes Canon Simon Blakesley, Judicial Vicar. The Tribunal can be contacted, in confidence, direct by telephone 01508 495168 or by e-mail: Office hours are 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.



Details of job vacancies in the Diocese of East Anglia may be found here: Vacancies - East Anglia Diocese 


Zoom Meeting ID:  819 191 3344

Passcode:  047188

Next meeting:  Tuesday, 1st February.


FRAMLINGHAM CHURCHES TOGETHER.  Sharing Christ - thoughts and prayers of encouragement and support by Framlingham Churches Together are published on the website of St. Michael's Anglican Church, Framlingham.  Link:   Framlingham Churches Together 


Father Edmund and Deacon Mike wish all visitors to

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