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O God, through Baptism you have made us your children, heirs of heaven and members of the Church.  Make our parish of one heart and mind in love towards you.  Grant that our common life and work may be an example to all about us.  Guide our parish clergy in their work, along with all people involved in ministry in our parish.  Acknowledge the intercessions of Saint Thomas of Canterbury and Saint Clare, our patrons; and keep us secure in your love.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Mass Intentions : November 2020

Sunday 22nd       For the people of the Parish

Monday 23rd          Carroll & Coyle families,††   (Mark)

Tuesday 24th         The Holy Souls / November dead,

Wednesday 25th     The Holy Souls / November dead,

Thursday 26th        The Holy Souls / November dead,

Friday 27th             The Holy Souls / November dead,

Saturday 28th         The Holy Souls / November dead,


Sunday 29th         For the people of the Parish

Monday 30th           The Holy Souls / November dead,

Mass Intentions: December 2020

Tuesday 1st            Christine Archer,  (Cecilia & Myles Smith)

Wednesday 2nd       No Mass today.

Thursday 3rd

Friday 4th

Saturday 5th

Sunday 6th          For the people of the Parish

Monday 7th

Tuesday 8th           Lidvall & Hackforth families (Felicity Lidvall)

Wednesday 9th       No Mass today.

Thursday 10th        Agnes Eggleston,    (Fr. Edmund)

Friday 11th 

Saturday 12th

Sunday 13th         For the people of the Parish

Monday 14th           Leonard Mercer,    (Maggie Shield)

Tuesday 15th

Wednesday 16th      No Mass today.

Thursday 17th

Friday 18th              Revd. Tom Fenlon        (Foundation)

Saturday 19th          Rosemary Luxmoore,  (Peter Luxmoore)

Sunday 20th         For the people of the Parish


LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS.  From Thursday 5th November England is once again in a period of strict lockdown and we are not allowed to celebrate Mass with a congregation.  However, during this lockdown, funeral services may be celebrated in our churches, with a congregation of not more than thirty people.  The Government intends to relax these restrictions in early December, but this cannot be guaranteed.  During the lockdown Father Edmund will celebrate Mass privately, daily.  A list of the Mass intentions is published above.


Churches open for individual prayer during lockdown.

A place of worship may be used for individual prayer, and for these purposes “individual prayer” means prayer by individuals which does not form part of communal worship.     Statutory Instruments 2020, No. 1200, para. 18.8(f)

Saint Thomas’s Church, Woodbridge

Sundays       11.00 a.m. to Noon

Tuesdays      9.30 to 10.30 a.m.

Fridays         9.30 to 10.30 a.m.

Saint Clare’s Church, Framlingham

Sundays       10.00 to 11.00 a.m.

Thursdays    11.00 a.m. to Noon


CHRISTMAS MASSES.  Full details of Christmas Masses at Woodbridge and at Framlingham may be found here: Christmas Masses 2020.   This year it will be necessary for everybody attending Christmas Mass at Woodbridge and at Framlingham to reserve their seat(s) in the church in advance because of the limited number of seats available.  There will be lists available in St. Thomas's Church and St. Clare's Church for you to reserve your seat(s) at a particular Christmas Mass, when the churches have reopened following the current lockdown.


GIVING TO THE PARISH.  During this time of pandemic, we have taken a substantial dip in contributions to our parish funds which help us to maintain our parish buildings and activities.  As a result, we have had to find ways of bringing this to your attention and to ask for your generosity and cooperation.  In recent months, several parishioners have made new Standing Orders for their parish Offertory donations, for which we are most grateful.

The advantage to the parish is two-fold: [1] even if you forget to make a donation to the parish at Mass (when these are restored) or when you go on holiday (when that may be possible) the parish will receive your kind offering; and [2] we are able to calculate roughly what our income will be and to set a parish budget that reflects that. Every good householder knows the need for such prudence and so do we!  With a Standing Order you have complete control over how much you donate to the parish and at what intervals.

If you wish to receive a Standing Order form, to start a new Standing Order, please contact Father Edmund and he will arrange for a form to be sent to you by post or e-mail.  Telephone:  01394 388828.  Thank you.


PARISH   BANK  ACCOUNT.  The title of the parish’s joint bank account for both St. Thomas’s Church and St. Clare’s Church is “Woodbridge Catholic Church”.  When giving a cheque to the parish for Offertory, Mass stipends, or any other donation please make your cheque in favour of “Woodbridge Catholic Church”.  Barclays’ Bank, with whom our parish’s current account is held, is no longer willing to accept cheques which do not have the correct name of the parish’s account writtten upon them.


The Parish Office at Woodbridge is closed.  E-mails sent to the Parish Office will not be checked daily.  If you wish to contact Father Edmund Eggleston, parish priest, please telephone the Presbytery, Woodbridge, on (01394) 388828.   Please note, Father Edmund takes Wednesday as his day off each week.


PARISH  ANNIVERSARIES.  The parish calendar page of this website shows parishioners' anniversaries of death, taken from the parish's "Death Register"  commencing March 1998.  Please click here  PARISH CALENDAR  to view the parish anniversaries for this month.


An ADVENT TAIZÉ SERVICE will be live-streamed from Saint Mary's Church, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, on Thursday 3rd December at 7.00 p.m.  For more details please visit their parish website at



BISHOP ALAN HOPES will celebrate Mass in St. John's Cathedral, Norwich, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination to the Sacred Priesthood.  Bishop Hopes invites you to watch his jubilee Mass, which will be live-streamed from the cathedral, at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 4th December.  The link to St. John's Cathedral's live-stream can be found on their website.





Churches Together in Woodbridge & Melton invite you to "Christmas Unwrapped" on Kingston Field, Woodbridge.  Monday 21st December:  6.00 p.m. Family trail to find Baby Jesus, and 6.30 p.m. Carol Service.  A Covid-secure event.  Social distancing and track and trace will be in place.




Information about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is available here:  

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity:  18 - 25 January, 2021





Ipswich Hospital Roman Catholic Chaplain.  Father Bineesh, O.C.D., from St. Mark’s parish, Ipswich, is the Roman Catholic Chaplain to Ipswich Hospital.  He can be contacted on Ipswich (01473) 684963 or, in an emergency, on mobile telephone number 07549695648.  Please note that the staff of the N.H.S. Trust at Ipswich Hospital will not inform Father Bineesh when a Roman Catholic person has been admitted to the hospital.  If you wish to be visited when in hospital, you or your relatives may contact Father Bineesh on the above number.    Alternatively a message may be left for him at the hospital chaplains’ office.  Telephone the hospital switchboard on (01473) 712233 and ask for the Chaplains’ Office.



Let’s think outside the Box!  This year, you may send your Red-Box collections to Missio by telephone.  Please call 020 7821 9755 during office hours to donate.  If you prefer to donate by post, please make a cheque payable to “Missio-Mill Hill” and send to:  Red Box, 23 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1NU.  For more details, please visit




For live-streaming of Holy Mass and other devotions from the National Shrine please visit it's website at


Eternal Word Television Network  

DAILY  MASS at 1.00 p.m., 6.00 p.m., and 11.00 p.m. (G.M.T.):


THE PRIESTLY FRATERNITY OF ST. PETER are live streaming Latin Mass (1962 Rite) daily from St. Mary's Shrine, Warrington.  Sundays at 11.00 a.m. and weekdays at 12.10 p.m.


CHURCH SERVICES TV:  Live streaming of Holy Mass from many churches across the United Kingdon and the Republic of Ireland can be viewed by clicking on this link,




Sunday 22nd        Christ the King - solemnity

Monday 23rd          St. Columban, Ab.

Tuesday 24th         St. Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions, M.

Wednesday 25th     St. Catherine of Alexandria, VM.

Thursday 26th        Feria

Friday 27th             Feria

Saturday 28th         Feria

Sunday 29th        First Sunday of Advent

Monday 30th         St. Andrew, Apostle


Tuesday 1st          Advent feria

Wednesday 2nd     Advent feria

Thursday 3rd         St. Francis Xavier, P.

Friday 4th             Advent feria

Saturday 5th         Advent feria

Sunday 6th          Second Sunday of Advent

Monday 7th           St. Ambrose, Bp.

Tuesday 8th          Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, solemnity

Wednesday 9th      Advent feria

Thursday 10th        The Blessed Martyrs of East Anglia

Friday 11th             Advent feria

Saturday 12th         Advent feria

Sunday 13th         Third Sunday of Advent  (Gaudete Sunday)

Monday 14th           St. John of the Cross, PD.

Tuesday 15th          Advent feria

Wednesday 16th      Advent feria

Thursday 17th         Advent feria

Friday 18th              Advent feria

Saturday 19th          Advent feria

Sunday 20th          Fourth Sunday of Advent

Monday 21st            Advent feria

Tuesday 22nd          Advent feria

Wednesday 23rd      Advent feria

Thursday 24th         Advent feria

Friday 25th            The Nativity of the Lord     Christmas Day

Saturday 26th          St. Stephen, M.

Sunday 27th          The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Monday 28th            The Holy Innocents, MM.

Tuesday 29th           St. Thomas of Canterbury, M.     Patron Saint of our parish

Wednesday 30th       Sixth Day within the Christmas Octave

Thursday 31st          Seventh Day within the Christmas Octave


Father Edmund and Deacon Mike wish all our parishioners

and visitors to this website every Blessing.

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